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Forgen Wind Turbines

Battery-Chargers for 12v or 24v Battery Systems

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FORGEN Wind Turbines

Unlike a traditional horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT), a VAWT rotates around the shaft vertically. VAWTs provide good performance in urban and suburban environments due to their inherent design characteristics. Some key benefits of small scale VAWTs over horizontal wind turbines are:

  • SAFER – The design of the blades and plane of rotation means that the VAWT is intrinsically safe, in that accidental human contact will unlikely result in serious injury during operation.
  • ANY WIND DIRECTION – Ability to effectively capture turbulent winds from any direction; VAWTs do not need a yaw mechanism to face the blade rotor into veering wind directions. They immediately capture wind from any direction;
  • LOW VIBRATION AND NOISE – VAWTs also typically operate at lower rotational speeds, thereby reducing or eliminating turbine vibrations and noise.

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There are two models;

Forgen 500 and 1000 (normal and a Very Cold friendly model)

The Forgen 500 is a 12w and the Forgen 1000 is a 30w model. At 15m/s or 30 knots, wind speed, the Forgen 1000 would produce 720whs per day within 24 hours (30w x 24hrs). The very cold model is the only wind turbine endorsed for use in very cold environments and is a great 'range extender' for 12v or 24v battery systems. They will be standalone or in hybrid solar/fuel cell configurations for maximum remote power production. You could purchase side mount, top of pole, and side of pole mounts for each model.

Forgen Wind TurbineForgen Wind Turbine



Forgen 500LT (Low Temp)Technical Data Sheet

Forgen 500NT (Normal Temp)Technical Data Sheet

Forgen 1000LT (Low Temp)Technical Data Sheet

Forgen 1000NT (Normal Temp) Technical Data Sheet


Customer Quote:

"This system does not have the three weak links that other micro wind turbine generators have, mainly, a propeller that might ice up and cause imbalance, brushes that may get stuck or arc, and it doesn't have to point into the wind and be subject to incredible forces when a williwaw hits from a different direction", Konrad Schaad of Seemore Wildlife

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