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EFOY Fuel Cells will help us reduce Lead Acid Battery Pollution

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Fuel Cell Systems For Remote Power

EFOY Pro Hybrid Solutions

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Why EFOY Pro Series Fuel Cells?

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(8kg ~ 17.64 lbs, 85kg ~ 187.39 lbs, 270kg ~ 595.25 lbs)

(10 liters = 2.64 gals, 60 liters = 15.85 gals)

The EFOY Pro delivers when it matters most; reliable, proven, and quiet energy for remote devices & applications. Continuous power anytime, anyplace, regardless of season or weather and with no outside intervention.

Power Comparison

The newest EFOY Pro models are the EFOY Pro 800 and 2400 (either with or without an internal duocartswitch for connecting two fuel cartridges to one fuel cell). Up to 4 M28s can now be connected to a fuel cell to enable 112 liters of fuel and long runtimes. There are three 1st gen EFOY models to choose from, the Pro 600, 1600, and 2200. These fuel cells could also be connected together to provide a greater power resource if needed for your 12v or 24v based application.


EFOY 2200, EFOY 1600, and EFOY 600 have a charging capacity of 2.2kWh, 1.6 kWh, and 0.6 KWh per day, respectively.

SiriusPower Aluminum Enclosure Systems

SFC Energy Approval

UL/CUL Type 3r

(Stationary or Mobile Enclosure)

The SiriusPower Aluminum is a stationary or mobile, maintenance-free, all-around solution that houses fuel cells to provide power to remote systems, anytime, anyplace. This outdoor enclosure protects the EFOY from harsh weather conditions and is a turnkey pre-integrated solution.

Features Include:

The SiriusPower Aluminum Small

(Dimensions: 30"L x 24”W x 16”H")

Can house one M5, M10, or M28 Methanol Fuel Cartridge


ProStorm Aluminum SiriusPower

The SiriusPower Aluminum Large

(Dimensions: 42"L x 24”W x 16”H")

Can house two M5, M10, or M28 Methanol Fuel Cartridges




ProStorm Inside ProStorm Fan

ProStorm Caster Wheels ProStorm Handles ProStorm Solar

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Charger (for use with up to 65w solar panel) – See feature set
  • Thermostat controlled Fan (set at 105F)
  • Strong lightweight high quality aluminum used
  • Four large handles for carrying the enclosure
  • Large ground mounts and Latch Locks

Optional add-on:

- SiriusTri-Power Stand

- DC Timer for controlling electrical load use and maximizing the EFOY Pro's lifetime

- Add removable (no tools) 6” Tire Casters 

- Solar Panel Power Plastic 40w or 80w (top of enclosure)

- Foldable Solar Panel (s) 30w, 60w, 90w, Blankets - 190w, 1kw, 2kw versions available)

- Upgrade from GV-5 solar charger (standard included in enclosure for upto 65w panel)  to GV-10 (for panels up to 140w)

- Pure Sine Wave Inverter with or without AC Charger (different models available)  $ 180w to 9Kws

SiriusTri-Power Stand

Special Order – Enclosure Color Request - Desert Beige, White, Black or other color upon request with minimum order

Please allow 30-75 days for special orders or if the enclosure is not in stock and has to be manufactured.

Very Cold Enclosures

These exclusive very cold enclosures are deployed in outdoor environments in Canada and have been proven over last winter. Contact us for more details.

Very Cold EFOY Pro EnclosureVery Cold Enclosure

Methanol Cartridges

Safe, High Density Energy

Methanol Cartridges service fluid



The EFOY Pro can power your security devices in a variety of ways. There is a selection of optional equipment available to allow for maximum flexibility.

The following are available:

    • Dual Cartridge Switch

      (2 fuel cartridges connected to one EFOY Pro to provide double the Autonomy)

      • longer autonomy and longer service interval -> cost reductions
      • Complete draining of the fuel cartridge is now possible
      • Measuring of the consumed quantity of the operating cartridge is possible

    Duocart Switch

    • M28 adapter
    • Interface adapter 
    • USB adapter
    • Fuel cartridge sensor FS1
    • GSM modem GSM-2
    • Cluster controller CC1
    • Remote control with data line
    • Fuel cartridge holder with belt FH 1
    • Off heat duct EFOY Pro


LiFE Phosphate (PO4) BMS Systems

LiFE PO4 Datasheet: GenaSun Lithium-Iron Phosphate Batteries

Call for custom configurations and quotations (20ah to 1000ah mobile and stationary configuration available from multiple manufacturers.

GenaSun Lithium-Ion Battery SystemsGenasun



FORGEN Wind Turbines

Unlike a traditional horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT), a VAWT rotates around the shaft vertically. VAWTs provide good performance in urban and suburban environments due to their inherent design characteristics. Some key benefits of small scale VAWTs over horizontal wind turbines are:

  • SAFER – The design of the blades and plane of rotation means that the VAWT is intrinsically safe, in that accidental human contact will unlikely result in serious injury during operation.
  • ANY WIND DIRECTION – Ability to effectively capture turbulent winds from any direction; VAWTs do not need a yaw mechanism to face the blade rotor into veering wind directions. They immediately capture wind from any direction;
  • LOW VIBRATION AND NOISE – VAWTs also typically operate at lower rotational speeds, thereby reducing or eliminating turbine vibrations and noise.

There are two models;

Forgen 500 and 1000 (normal and a Very Cold friendly model)

The Forgen 500 is a 12w and the Forgen 1000 is a 30w model. At 15m/s or 30 knots, wind speed, the Forgen 1000 would produce 720whs per day within 24 hours (30w x 24hrs). The very cold model is the only wind turbine endorsed for use in very cold environments and is a great 'range extender' for 12v or 24v battery systems. They will be standalone or in hybrid solar/fuel cell configurations for maximum remote power production. You could purchase side mount, top of pole, and side of pole mounts for each model.

Forgen Wind TurbineForgen Wind Turbine

Call us for more information and best pricing.