Remote Power Newsletter

Off-grid DC Power for:

Homeland Security

Seismic & Weather


Communication Systems

Law Enforcement Vehicles

Wind Applications

Wildlife Observation

Emergency Management

Oil & Gas Applications

Traffic Management

Transportation & Trucking

Marine & Leisure Boating

Cabins & RVs

Battery Extra

Battery Extra 12v/24v/36v/48v

Restores and Reconditions Lead Acid Batteries

Battery Extra


Off-Grid Remote Power

DC Power Generator Battery Chargers

Methanol, Propane & Natural Gas

Natural Gas Fuel Cell

Continuous Power and Backup System Configurations

Whats New

EFOY Pro 800 (45w) & 2400 (110w) DMFC fuel cell battery charger

EFOY Pro 2400 Duo

New Enerday Outdoor 500w Propane & NG SOFC fuel cell battery charger

New Enerday 350w Propane SOFC Trailer fuel cell battery charger

Battery Extra saves Lead Acid Battery Banks

- Restore Lead Acid Batteries

- Much Longer Battery Lifetimes

- Keep Battery Banks Healthy